What is mon dossier pharma?

Mon Dossier Pharma Pharmaprix connects patients and pharmacists online. Patients can access their medication records and manage their refills through the MonDossierPharma online service. MonDossierPharma is a tool available to pharmacist-owner customers associated with Pharmaprix.

Here is important information about mon dossier pharma.

  • MonDossierPharma sign up (Inscription)
  • Login (Connexion)

Benefits of MonDossierPharma:

MonDossierPharma enables you to:

  • Access your medication records anytime, anywhere.
  • Access your prescriptions and prescription-related information.
  • Can request prescription refills and set up reminders online.

MonDossierPharma sign up (Inscription)

You can not signup for Mon Dossier Pharma from their website. Here is no direct signup option. Ask your pharmacist for a free enrollment card. This card contains the Personal Identification Number (PIN) required for online registration, through which you can join MonDossierPharma. Once you use your PIN to enroll, you no longer need your enrollment card.

Can I sign up Online?

No, at first you need a free enrollment card, then you can join online.

Can I request an enrollment card online?

No. You must go to your pharmacy and request your pharmacist for an enrollment card.

Login (Connexion)

Go to this link https://mondossierpharma.ca/Pharmaprix/Account/LogIn

You will get a form like the image below. Just type your username and password then click continue. Comment us if you face any other problem, we will reply you as soon as possible.

mon dossier pharma login
mon dossier pharma login page

If I forget my username or password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password or Username, Just click the “Forgot?” link and fill in the required information.

Does MonDossierPharma replace my pharmacist?

No MonDossierPharma is an online tool for accessing your medication records, prescriptions and related information to request prescription refills and set up online reminders.


  • Howard

    MonDossierPharma Account is corrupted. Can’t login or get help anywhere to fix account

    • mydoctors.info

      You can visit your pharmacy and ask for help to solve your account login problem.

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