Dr. Hanid Audish Principal Investigator

Dr. Hanid Audish Principal Investigator

“Dr. Hanid Audish is board certified in family medicine. He has been in private practice since 2007 and joined Encompass Medical Group at that time. While in clinical practice Dr. Audish noted that many patients were in need of better treatment options to help manage their chronic medical conditions. His desire to deliver and offer better treatment options to these patients led Dr. Audish into clinical research. His passion for clinical research grew while he was in private practice and he soon joined Encompass Clinical Research. He has a passion for helping patients take control of their health by educating them about their medical conditions. He very much enjoys the diversity of being both a research study physician and a private practice physician. Board Certified Family Medicine (AOBFP)
Medical Degree – Western University of Health Sciences
Encompass Clinical Research, Principal Investigator, Physician Owner
Family Practice Physician”

This place of quiet determination is Encompass, an oasis amid the dynamic energy of the city, where the pursuit of medical knowledge meets the practical application of healing. It’s more than a clinic; it’s a nexus where healthcare’s compassionate touch and the relentless pursuit of research intersect. The institution is a testament to the transformative power of science, perseverance, and the unrelenting commitment to enhancing the human condition. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Hanid Audish, Encompass continues its pioneering journey, serving as an embodiment of human compassion combined with scientific curiosity. The profound legacy is steeped in ground-breaking research, compassionate patient care, and the relentless ambition for a healthier, brighter future for all. At first glance, this clinic appears to be like any other healthcare facility. It’s a contemporary building, with clean lines and large windows that allow natural light to pour in, lending an air of serenity. The reception area is well-lit, and a warm smile greets patients as they enter, instantly putting them at ease. But, what sets this clinic apart from the ordinary is the amalgamation of patient care and cutting-edge research seamlessly interwoven into its fabric. Upon stepping inside, the patient journey is akin to entering a sanctuary for health. Physicians, nurses, and support staff exude a sense of dedication and compassion. The waiting room isn’t filled with uncomfortable silence but with the hum of conversations between patients and healthcare professionals, creating a sense of community and support. This clinic does not view medicine and research as separate entities, but as two sides of the same coin. The process begins the moment a patient walks in. Comprehensive electronic health records are maintained, and patients are asked for consent to participate in research projects. This blending of clinical care and research sets the stage for a unique relationship between the patients and the clinic, where each contributes to the well-being of the other.

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